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Annual Meeting, New Orleans, 1996

The Sermon on the Mount by Hans Dieter Betz (Hermeneia; Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 1995)

Panel discussion with H. Koester, J.M. Robinson, P. Hoffmann, and Hans Dieter Betz.

HOFFMANN, PAUL: Betz and Q, in: ZNW 88 (1997) 197-210.

Compositional and Intertextual Studies of Q

EDWIN K. BROADHEAD, On the (Mis)Definition of Q.

Edwin K. Broadhead, On the (mis)definition of Q, in: JSNT 68 (1997), 3-12.


EDWARD P. MEADORS, The Christological Unity of the Q Material.

Edward P. Meadors, The "Messianic" Implications of the Q Material, in: JBL 118 (1999) 253-277.


VASILIKI LIMBERIS, 'Q', James, and the Sayings of his Brother: Parallel Sayings Traditions in Light of Linguistic Theory.


CHRISTOPH HEIL, The Reception of Ps 6:9 LXX in Q and Luke.

Christoph Heil, `Pantes ergatai adikias´ Revisited. The Reception of Ps 6,9a LXX in Q and in Luke, in: Rudolf Hoppe / Ulrich Busse (Hg.), Von Jesus zum Christus - Christologische Studien. Festgabe für Paul Hoffmann zum 65. Geburtstag, Berlin / New York: de Gruyter 1998, 261-276 (= BZNW 93).


ALAN KIRK, Upbraiding Wisdom: John's Speech, Liminality and Resocialization in Q (Q 3:7-9, 16-17).

Alan Kirk, Upbraiding Wisdom: John's Speech and the Beginning of Q (Q 3:7-9,16-17), in: NT 40 (1998) 1-16.


JONATHAN L. REED, Jonah and Other Epic Traditions in Q.

Jonathan L. Reed, The Sign of Jonah (Q 11:29-32) and Other Epic Traditions in Q, in: Reimagining Christian Origins. A Colloquium Honoring Burton L. Mack, eds. Elizabeth A. Castelli and Hal Taussig, Valley Forge, PA: Trinity, 1996, 130-143.


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