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Annual Meeting, Denver, November 17-20, 2001

Q and Jewish Christianity

Presider: JAMES M. ROBINSON, Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, CA


BIRGER A. PEARSON, University of California, Santa Barbara: A "Q Community" in Galilee? (25 min)


JOHN DOMINIC CROSSAN, DePaul University, Chicago: Response (10 min)


HELMUT KOESTER, Harvard University, Divinity School: Response (10 min)


BIRGER A. PEARSON: Response (5 min)


BYRON R. MCCANE, Converse College, Spartanburg, SC: Q and Death in Early Roman Galilee (20 min)


Break (5 min)


MARCO FRENSCHKOWSKI, Universität Mainz, Germany: Q 11:49-51; 13:34-35 and the Final Redaction of Q: An Alternative Approach (20 min)


DANIEL A. SMITH, Wycliffe College, Toronto: The Non-Earthly Jesus as Representative Figure: Corporate Vindication in Q (20 min)


Discussion (20 min)

Moral Economy, Little Tradition, and Hidden Transcript: Applying the Work of James C. Scott to Q

Presider: CHRISTOPH HEIL, University of Bamberg, Germany


RICHARD A. HORSLEY, University of Massachusetts, Boston: Introduction (10 min)


DOUGLAS E. OAKMAN, Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, W: Jesus the Tax-Resister: The Meaning of Resistance and the Resistivity of Meaning in Early Jesus Traditions (25 min)


MILTON C. MORELAND, Huntingdon College, Montgomery, AL: Imagining the Peasant in Roman Galilee: Archaeology, Q, and the Modern Theorist (25 min)


ALAN KIRK, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA: Breaching the Frontier: Going Public with the Hidden Transcript in Q 11 (25 min)


Break (5 min)


JAMES C. SCOTT, Yale University (Department of Political Science): Response (30 min)


Discussion (30 min)


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