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Annual Meeting, Boston, 1999

Q and Jesus

JAMES M. ROBINSON, The Quest for the Historical Jesus in Q.


MARTIN EBNER, Jesus and the Proverbs in Q.


RICHARD A. HORSLEY, Q as Oral Performance and the Historical Jesus: Shifting Assumptions and Approaches.


JONATHAN DRAPER, Recovering Oral Traditions from Q: Q 12:49-59 as a Case Study.

RICHARD A. HORSLEY / JONATHAN A. DRAPER, Whoever Hears You Hears Me. Prophets, Performance, and Tradition in Q, Harrisburg, PA: Trinity Press International, 1999.

Q and the Gospel of Thomas

RON CAMERON, On Comparing Q and the Gospel of Thomas.


CHARLES W. HEDRICK, An Anecdotal Argument for the Independence of Thomas from the Synoptic Gospels.


THOMAS ZÖCKLER, Light within Man: A Comparison of G Thomas 24 and Matthew 6:22-23.


MARK S. GOODACRE, Narrative Sequence in a Sayings Gospel? Reflections on a Contrast between Q and Thomas.


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