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His Sepulchre Shall Be Glorious: The Burial of Jesus as a Theological Problem

Freitag, 15.05.2015

Gastvorlesung von Prof. Daniel A. Smith, Ph.D., Huron University College at Western University, London, Ontario, Canada,

am 11.6.2015, 13:30 - 15:00 Uhr, Hörsaal „Max Josef Metzger“ (HS 47.02)

In a 1988 article, Raymond Brown argued that Mark depicts the burial of Jesus as "dishonourable" or "shameful", a depiction which Brown thought might reflect closely the historical burial itself. Brown's view has been accepted by some New Testament scholars, but rejected or ignored by others. The lecture examines the merits of the thesis and considers some of its implications for a number of important issues, including the question of responsibility for the execution of Jesus, the nature of the New Testament witness to his death and resurrection, and christological reflection on the nature of the "self-emptying" of the Son.


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